Intensify the Look of Your Kitchen with Travertine Tiles

If your family loves to eat, then kitchen is probably the most frequented area in your home. Do you want to give it a facelift? Whether you are renovating or building a kitchen, consider starting by choosing the right flooring, then work your way up. There may be many options when it comes to kitchen flooring, but one of the best is the travertine tile (and for good reason). Travertine tiles are timeless and will never be outdated. Since they are made of natural stone, they naturally add a touch of elegance and a classic appeal to your kitchen while increasing the value of your property.

Travertine tiles come in different finishes. Reputable suppliers of natural stone tiles offer them in a brushed and chiseled edge finish, which is perfect if you are trying to achieve a rustic or old world look for your kitchen. These tiles are honed without filling the slight indentations, which are natural in the stone. This way, travertine’s natural appearance is maintained, while ensuring a uniform finish. The tiles are then brushed mechanically to provide a slightly textured surface, and the edges are chiseled to break the monotony that is common to straight edge tiles.

The tumbled travertine tile is another option to consider if you want a more refined and classic look that can outlive the trends in kitchen interior design and décor. The tumbled finish does not have lose imperfections and tiny chips, but it maintains the slight texture of travertine to provide some grip. This way, your kitchen can be safer for everyone when the flooring can prevent slips and falls. The rounded edges offer a sophisticated touch to your kitchen, too. If you chose travertine tiles in a faded color, you can enhance them with a stone enhancer.